Spring 2013 Langford Conference will Examine Ovid's Metamorphoses

The Spring 2013 Langford Conference will be held on February 22-23, and will have as its topic, “Repetition in the Metamorphoses.”

Fall 2012 Langford Seminar Examines Pliny the Elder

The Fall 2012 Langford Family Seminar will be held on Saturday, November 10, and will set its sights on Pliny the Elder, the prodigious polymath who (his nephew, the younger Pliny, tells us) never read a book no matter how bad without deriving some benefit from it.

Department Hosts Fall 2012 CAMWS-SS Meeting

The Classics Department will be sponsoring the 92nd anniversary meeting of the Southern Section of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South.

Daniel Pullen Interviewed by AIA on the Publication of his New Book

Daniel Pullen was interviewed by the AIA for his recent publication, The Early Bronze Age Village on Tsoungiza Hill (Nemea Valley Archaeological Project I).