PLLS (Papers of the Liverpool/Leeds/Langford Latin Seminar)

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Vols. 1-5. (1976-1985). Papers of the Liverpool Latin Seminar (ISSN 0261-0698)

In 1975 the Department of Latin at the University of Liverpool, headed by Professor Francis Cairns, established the Liverpool Latin Seminar. Its remit was to mount an annual programme of academic meetings primarily concerned with Classical Latin, but also including Ancient Greek and (to a lesser extent) Medieval Latin. The purpose of the Liverpool Latin Seminar was to provide a forum in which classicists (and medievalists) from the UK and abroad could make contact in an ambiance both scholarly and amicable, and to encourage research and the publication of research results in the relevant fields. Between 1975 and 1985 the Liverpool Latin Seminar held 52 ordinary meetings and 4 colloquia, involving altogether 156 papers and participants from all over the world. Although many diverse approaches were represented in the Seminar, it was underpinned by two convictions: first, that ancient literature functions at the highest intellectual level and deserves to be studied at that level; and second, that the ancient literature can only be understood properly against the background of the societies in which they originated. To maintain the high research quality and aspirations of the Seminar the series Papers of the Liverpool Latin Seminar (PLLS) was inaugurated in 1976. PLLS contains revised, often expanded, and fully annotated, versions of papers originally delivered at meetings of the Seminar, together with supplementary papers submitted at the editor's request. In all five volumes of PLLS (edited by Francis Cairns) were published from Liverpool between 1976 and 1985. PLLS 5, the final volume of the Liverpool series, included a record of the seminar meetings held in Liverpool between 1975 and 1985, lists of contents of the first five volumes, and composite indexes compiled by Neil Adkin.

Vols. 6-10 (1989-1998). Papers of the Leeds International Latin Seminar (ISSN 1362-3818)

When Francis Cairns moved to the Chair of Latin Language and Literature at the University of Leeds in 1988, the Leeds International Latin Seminar was established there to carry forward the work of its predecessor. Its title recognized that what began in 1975 as a British institution had, even by the late 1970s, developed a strongly international character. The Leeds International Latin Seminar maintained its predecessor's focus on Latin literature, especially poetry, but also, in its meetings and publications, brought Ancient Greek literature and historiography more to the forefront. In the period 1989-1998, the Leeds International Latin Seminar, like its predecessor, generated five volumes of Papers of the Leeds International Latin Seminar, i.e. PLLS 6-10. The editorial policies of PLLS 1-5 were continued , along with the acronym and numeration. Volumes 6, 7, 9, 10 were edited jointly by Francis Cairns and Malcolm Heath, and volume 8 by Roger Brock and Tony Woodman. The seminars held in Leeds and the contents of PLLS 6-10 are recorded in PLLS 10.

Vols. 11 and on (2003-). Papers of the Langford Latin Seminar (ISSN 1740-8652)

With Francis Cairns' move in 2000 to a Chair of Classical Languages at The Florida State University, Tallahassee, PLLS became Papers of the Langford Latin Seminar. This title honors the Langford Family, whose generous benefaction to the department enables it to host conferences and colloquia. The editorial policies of PLLS 1-10 continue, as do the acronym and numeration. So far in the Langford series PLLS 11 through 15 have been published (vol. 15 in 2012), and further volumes are in preĀ­paration. All volumes of PLLS are available from Oxbow Books (in North America The David Brown Book Company).

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