Ancient Literature Research at FSU

FSU Classics offers full coverage of Greek and Latin literature of all periods (Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Republican, and Imperial) and in all major genres (epic, lyric, drama, oratory, history, biography, and philosophy). Areas of strengths include Greek and Latin poetry (Francis Cairns, Virginia Lewis, Christopher Nappa, Tim Stover); Greek and Latin Drama (Virginia Lewis, Tim Stover); Attic Oratory (Jim Sickinger); Early Latin Literature (Jessica Clark), Ancient History (Jessica Clark, Trevor Luke, Jim Sickinger); Latin Biography and Historiography (Jessica Clark, Trevor Luke), Ancient Philosophy (Svetla Slaveva-Griffin). Complementary areas of expertise include Gender Studies (Virginia Lewis, Christopher Nappa), Greek Epigraphy (Jim Sickinger), Military History (Jessica Clark), Intertextuality (Christopher Nappa, Tim Stover), Medieval and Renaissance Latin (Francis Cairns), Religion (Trevor Luke, Svetla Slaveva-Griffin), Science and Medicine (Svetla Slaveva-Griffin). We have strong interdisciplinary relations with the faculty in the Departments of Religion (Religions of Western Antiquity), English, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy.

The faculty has served as editors of major reference resources: Brill’s Companion to Military Defeat in Ancient Mediterranean Society (Jessica Clark), Brill’s New Jacoby (Jim Sickinger), Oxford Bibliographies Online (Tim Stover), The Routledge Companion to Neoplatonism (Svetla Slaveva-Griffin). FSU Classics is also the home of the prestigious journals Histos (John Marincola) and Papers of the Langford Latin Seminar (Francis Cairns).

Our graduate and undergraduate students have received national and university fellowship awards, have been recognized for outstanding conference papers, and have published in peer-reviewed journals in their fields.

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