Fall 2012 Langford Seminar Examines Pliny the Elder

The Fall 2012 Langford Family Seminar will be held on Saturday, November 10, and will set its sights on Pliny the Elder, the prodigious polymath who (his nephew, the younger Pliny, tells us) never read a book no matter how bad without deriving some benefit from it. The conference, “The Greek and Roman Culture of Pliny the Elder,” will be directed Professor Roy Gibson of the University of Manchester, and the speakers will be Dr. Aude Doody (University College Dublin, Eire) speaking on “Pliny on Greek Art”; Prof. Trevor Murphy (University of California, Berkeley) on “Exploration in Pliny and in Plutarch’s Moralia”; Prof. Sandra Citroni Marchetti (Università di Firenze, Italy) on “The Ciceronian model in Pliny the Elder’s cultural program”; and Dr. Eugenia Lao (Independent Scholar) on “Pliny’s Trees: Taxonomy as a Tool for Cultural History”.