Fall Langford Conference: The Colonial Landscape in Republican Italy

Much has been written on the colonies of mid-republican Italy, the putative “simulacra
Romae”, regarded as so instrumental to Roman control of the Italian peninsula. A rich
literature details the motives for their creation and sets out presumed models of
occupation and settlement that the archaeological record has been expected to mirror.
Modern research, however, has shown that each colony was its own entity that came to
terms with its environment and theoretical historical mission in ways and with a time

To celebrate the resumption of fieldwork by the University at the site of Cosa in
southwest Tuscany, the Langford Conference Series is inviting a select group of scholars
to address these issues through their research on individual colonies. Their presentations
will focus on the archaeological evidence, but will by no means be limited to it, so that
the themes of land use, ethnic accommodation and displacement, colonial identities, and
varieties of administration may be highlighted.

See the full schedule.