The Department of Classics at FSU is well represented at the 111th meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South, 25-18 March 2015, in Boulder, Colorado. Among the speakers are faculty, undergraduate students, and graduate students.

FSU Classics faculty presentations:

Prof. Virginia Lewis, “Cultic Connections in Pindar’s Nemean 1”
Prof. Jessica Clark, "Who am I? Style and Identity in Poetic Fragments"
Prof. Laurel Fulkerson, "Torn between Hope and Despair in the Greek Novel"

FSU Classics undergraduate student presentation:

Colin Behrens, "Redivining the Sortes Vergilianae"

FSU Classics graduate student presentations:

Ana Belinskaya, "Patriae Trepidantis Imago: Roma in Lucan’s Bellum Civile
Giulio Celotto, “Lucan's Influence on Tacitus' Account of the Civil War between Otho and Vitellius”
Alex Lee, “Xenophon’s Hieron and the Psychology of the Tyrant”
Giusy Monti, “Danaos and Kadmos: Historical Reasons for Different Versions of the Origin of the Alphabet”
Reema Habib, "Seeking Help from the Gods and Men: Chronological Changes in the Language of Apotropaia"
Alexander Skufca, “The Archetypical Tyrant: Nepos’ Adaptation of Xenophon’s Hiero in the Life of Dion
Matthew Wilkins, “Deep Roots: The Oak Tree as Augustan Symbol in Vergil’s Aeneid 4.437–449”
Deb Trusty, “Starting and Managing a Dissertation Support Group”