The following professors and students (in no particular order) will represent the Department of Classics and FSU at the 112th annual meeting of CAMWS, 16-19 March 2015 in Williamsburg, VA.  For more information click here.


Tim Stover. "Reversal of Fortune: Statius’ Thebaid and Valerius’ Argonautica".

Alexander Skufca. “Ecumenical Kingship: a reading of the Second Ode of Seneca’s Thyestes.”

Rachel McCleery. "Being Roman, writing Latin? Consumers of Latin inscriptions in Greece."

Timothy Knoepke. "The Legacy of Defeat: The Historical Reception of

C. Flaminius, Cn. Cornelius Scipio, and P. Cornelius Scipio in the Works of Cicero."

Jonathan Reeder. "Commemorative Competition: Pindar's Nemean 5".

Ann Glennie. "Fated Fury: How the Furies Establish Supremacy over the Fates in Statius' Thebaid"

Michelle Currie. "The Complex Oedipus: Who Is(n't) Oedipus in the Thebaid?"

Mark Buzbee. 'Fired or Retired? Reevaluating the End of Suetonius' Career'.

Luke Monson. Antony as an Ordinary Soldier in Plutarch's Life.

Alex Lee. "Libanius the Mythographer: Cultural Competition in the Antiochikos."