Langford Lecture on the End of Civilization by Eric Cline

Dr. Eric H. Cline will deliver the third Langford Lecture on Disasters in Antiquity on Tuesday, March 4th, at 6:00 pm, in WJB [William Johnston Building] 2005. His talk, entitled "1177 B.C. The Year Civilization Collapsed," is based on his forthcoming book from Princeton University Press. Dr. Cline is Professor of Classics and Anthropology and Director of the Capitol Archaeological Institute at The George Washington University, in Washington DC. A Fulbright scholar and National Geographic Explorer, Dr. Cline holds degrees from Dartmouth, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania. An active field archaeologist, he has worked in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus, Greece, Crete, and the United States for 29 seasons since 1980, and is currently Co-Director of the Megiddo (biblical Armageddon) and Tel Kabri excavations. He has authored or co-authored ten books and edited/co- edited six more volumes, including The Battles of Armageddon: Megiddo and the Jezreel Valley from the Bronze Age to the Nuclear Age (2000); Jerusalem Besieged: From Ancient Canaan to Modern Israel (2004); The Trojan War: A Very Short Introduction (2013), plus the forthcoming 1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed (2014).

You may view a one-minute YouTube video about the forthcoming book by clicking here.