Spring 2013 Langford Conference will Examine Ovid's Metamorphoses

The Spring 2013 Langford Conference will be held on February 22-23, and will have as its topic, “Repetition in the Metamorphoses.” The two-day conference, organized by Laurel Fulkerson and Tim Stover, aims to bring together a group of well-established Ovidian scholars – including Antony Augoustakis, Alessandro Barchiesi, Andrew Feldherr, Stephen Hinds, Sharon James, Alison Keith, and Peter Knox – as well as some talented but lesser-known junior scholars, in order to discuss the means and ways of Ovidian repetition. The majority of the papers will treat specifically of repetition within the Metamorphoses, but some will broaden the scope to include both Ovid’s use of previous poetic material, and later poets’ use of the treasure trove of the Metamorphoses.