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All Electronic Thesis, Treatise and Dissertation content and information can now be found exclusively on the Office of Graduate Studies Blackboard websites. All ETD content and information can be located in the "Theses, Treatises & Dissertations" submenu, found on the left-hand side of the screen.

- Students should access the "GradSpace" webpage 
- Faculty and Staff should access the "Office of Graduate Studies - Faculty/Staff" webpage

In order to submit your manuscript successfully, you must adhere to the formatting rules found in the "Guidelines and Requirements," as well as the deadlines outlined for the semester you plan to graduate. 
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the ETD process, please consult with the Clearance Advisor, via e-mail at, or by phone at (850) 644-3501.

DIS Approval Form

Extension of Incomplete Form

Graduate Course Schedule Form

Graduate Exit Interview Form (required of all graduating students)

Graduate Student Travel Subsidy

To apply for the travel subsidy, please contact Julia Yarboro, our department's travel representative.

The Department provides some funding to students who are presenting papers or posters at national and international conferences during the period of August 1–July 31. Funding amounts will be announced at the beginning of each academic year through the Department's listservs. 

In order to apply for departmental funding for travel to present a paper or poster, there are three stipulations:

1) The conference must be a major national-level one, such as AIA, SCS [formerly the APA], or CAMWS (but not CAMWS-Southern Section), or an international conference. Graduate student-run conferences at other universities are not eligible for any departmental funding. Special topic conferences, especially those with peer-reviewed submission of abstracts, will be considered.

2) You must be the principal author or presenter if the paper or poster is jointly authored; only one travel award per paper or poster can be made.

3) Students must demonstrate that they have applied to COGS (Council Of Graduate Students) for additional funds. Female students may also apply to the Owenby fund administered by the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences. The Departmental travel subsidy is not contingent upon success in these applications; rather it is contingent upon you making the effort to apply to the outside sources. You may apply for the subsidy before the announcement of acceptance of your paper or abstract. Documentation of application to COGS (and Owenby if appropriate) will be required before the final approval of the travel subsidy. 

If your expenses for one conference are less than the allotted amount from the Department, you may apply for a second subsidy for the remaining funds from the first subsidy. The application for a second subsidy must be within the same academic year as the first subsidy.

NOTE: Because of University rules regarding travel, you must submit your application 1 month prior to traveling; thus for AIA/SCS you need to apply by the beginning of December, and for CAMWS you need to apply by the beginning of March. Note that COGS and A&S will have different deadlines.

We wish you the best of success in submitting papers for presentation!

In-state Residency Classification Form

Click here for more information on residency requirements. 

MA Paper Approval Form

MA Paper Title Page

Ph.D. Committee Form

Ph.D. Major Professor Form

Ph.D. Prospectus Approval Form


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