Eva Carrara




Eva is a 3rd year PhD student in Classics (Philology) here at FSU. She earned her BA in History with a minor in Classical Studies from the College of New Jersey in 2014, and her MA in Greek and Latin from Villanova University in 2016. Her recent research focuses on the representations of clothing and/or space in Latin historiography and rhetoric.
 She presented her paper “Innovations to Divine Intervention in Amores 1.1” at the 2018 meeting of CAMWS In Albuquerque, NM, and her paper “Africa, Silence and Metus Hostilis In the Bellum Jugurthinum” at the University of Wisconsin- Madison CANES Graduate Colloquium in 2015. 
In her free time Eva enjoys the relentless pursuit of strength and her cat, Terry Gross.

Research Interest: Greek and Latin historiography, Roman cultural history, ancient gender and sexuality


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