Melissa Ludke



Melissa is currently a doctoral student studying Roman Archaeology with an interest in domestic architecture, numismatics, and ancient economy and trade, primarily spanning the Republican to mid-Imperial periods. While at FSU, she has also been a member of the staff at Cosa Excavations since 2016, where she is currently a Trench Supervisor and Co-Numismatic Supervisor. Prior to pursuing her PhD, she earned her Masters in Classical Archaeology also from FSU, attended Georgetown University’s post-baccalaureate program in Classics, and earned her BA in Anthropology from Grand Valley State University. While studying at Georgetown, she also first interned, then worked as a Project Assistant at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Numismatic Collection in the National Museum of American History and contributed to the “Value of Money” exhibition during her tenure.

Research Interest: Italic art, archaeology & social history, numismatics, ancient economy and trade, domestic architecture, museum studies, Geographic Information Systems

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