MA in Classical Archaeology Fieldwork


The MA in Classical Archaeology requires four (4) credit hours of fieldschool. A fieldschool is defined as formal instruction in archaeological methods and techniques, both in the field and in the laboratory, including analysis of materials. Normally one credit hour is given for each week of fulltime activity. The usual manner in which this requirement is fulfilled is through participation in the FSU Classics Department's Archaeology Programs in Italy, registering for the appropriate course, etc. Dr. Nancy de Grummond can answer any questions about these excavations.

If, however, a student already has at least four (4) credit hours of a formal fieldschool on his or her transcript at the undergraduate or graduate level, then that student must still have at least four (4) credit hours of fieldwork for the MA degree. This requirement may be fulfilled by participation in the Archaeology Programs in Italy or by participation in another approved project. This project need not be a formal fieldschool, but should be an active project in the field, whether excavation or survey. Again, one credit hour is given for each week of fulltime activity. Students have participated in excavations and surveys in Greece (Athenian Agora, Halai, Pylos), Cyprus (Athienou, Idalion), Israel (Sepphoris), Italy (Murlo), Malta, Britain, and elsewhere.

In order to receive credit for projects not conducted by FSU, students may do one of two things:

  1. register for credit through the sponsoring institution and have four (4) credit hours transferred to FSU, or (the easier approach):
  2. register for four (4) hours credit through FSU as an independent fieldwork course. These hours may be taken during the summer at the time of the fieldwork or during the following academic year (when a student's tuition waiver might cover some of the fees). Students choosing this last option will need to supply a 10 to 12 page paper discussing the student's part in the project as well as a letter from the project director attesting to the student's work.

In rare instances where a student has sufficient fieldwork, the fieldwork requirement may be waived and four (4) credit hours of course work may be substituted. In no instance can the total number of credit hours for the degree be reduced.

Any student who wishes to receive credit other than through the Archaeology Programs in Italy must petition the Archaeology Committee by email in advance of participating in another project. Petitions may be brief but must consist of the project name, project web site (if available), director, dates, role the student will have on the project, discussion of how, when, and with whom credit will be obtained, and any other relevant information. The Committee will gladly advise students on appropriate projects; please visit the Archaeological Institute of America's website to view the Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin and to learn what archaeological excavations are available.

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