BA in Classics: Classical Archaeology


Thirty(30) semester hours of course work. ARH 3130 and 3150 are required in addition to three of the following advanced archaeology courses: ARH 4110, 4118, 4120, 4131, 4151, and 4173. Competence in one ancient language at the third-semester level is required; this requirement may be fulfilled by taking the Greek language sequence of GRE 1120, 1121, and 2230, or the Latin language sequence of LAT 1120, 1121, and 2230. In addition to the twelve (12) semester hours of Latin or Greek required for the Classical Archaeology major, the College of Arts and Sciences requires twelve (12) semester hours of ancient or modern language (three sequential four [4] semester hour courses) to fulfill the foreign language requirement. It is strongly recommended that the student fulfill the requirement through the study of French, German, or Italian. Three (3) semester hours of electives in Classics are also required, to be chosen in consultation with the departmental advisor; these three (3) semester hours of electives may be taken as part of the Liberal Studies humanities requirements. Students are encouraged to participate in the Classics Department's excavation in Italy, and to study at the University's study center in Florence.

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