BA in Classics: Classics and Religion

To complete a bachelor of arts degree (BA) with a co-major in Classics and Religion, a student must take (in addition to other college requirements), 27 semester hours in Classics and 18 semester hours in Religion. At least 9 semester hours at the 3000 or 4000 level in Classics courses with prefixes ARH, ASH, CLA, or CLT are required. No more than 18 semester hours of Greek or Latin may count towards the degree (but students must attain at least third semester competency in Greek or Latin; see below, language requirements). Of the 18 semester hours in Religion, at least 6 and no more than 12 semester hours will be in the area of Religions of Western Antiquity.

Language Requirements

Courses used to fulfill the Arts and Sciences language requirement cannot be counted toward the major. Whether taken to meet the language requirement or the major requirements, students must complete 12 semester hours in one ancient classical language (Latin or Greek). Courses beyond the third semester level in Greek or Latin (if that language is used to fulfill the Arts and Sciences language requirement) or in another ancient language at any level (e.g., Hebrew, Egyptian, Aramaic, or Sanskrit) may count toward the degree, up to the maximum of 18 semester hours.


Students with a Classics and Religion co-major do not need a minor. Students wishing to pursue the complementary major in Religion and Classics should consult the Department of Religion.

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