Nancy de Grummond


M. Lynette Thompson Professor of Classics

Research and Teaching Specializations

  • Etruscan and Roman archaeology
  • Etruscan and Roman Myth, Religion and Magic
  • Art and Archaeology of the Hellenistic World
  • Ancient Carved Gems


Nancy T. de Grummond (Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) is the M. Lynette Thompson Professor of Classics and has been named Distinguished Research Professor at Florida State University. She specializes in Etruscan, Hellenistic and Roman archaeology. She serves as director of  excavations for “Cetamura, Archaeology in Tuscany,” sponsored by International Programs of FSU. Most recently, Dr. de Grummond has created an exhibition of the results of her excavations entitled “The Sanctuary of the Etruscan Artisans at Cetamura del Chianti: The Legacy of Alvaro Tracchi,” which was displayed in June and July, 2009, at the Casa Masaccio in San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy.

Research Projects in Progress

  • Ritual Sacrifice in Etruscan Religion
  • Prophets and Divination as represented in ancient art (Greek, Etruscan and Roman)
  • Etruscan Systems of Writing

Awards and Honors

Dr. de Grummond has been recognized for excellence in teaching at Florida State University five times, including the Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award from FSU (2009) and the Phi Beta Kappa Excellence in Teaching Award (2010).

Publications and Lectures

  • The Sanctuary of the Etruscan Artisans at Cetamura del Chiant: The Legacy of Alvaro Tracchi, Florence, 2009. (Catalogue of exhibition)
  • Corpus Speculorum Etruscorum, Great Britain 3: Oxford (Corpus of Etruscan Mirrors), Rome, 2007.
  • Etruscan Myth, Sacred History and Legend, Philadelphia, 2006.
  • The Religion of the Etruscans, ed. and author, with Erika Simon, Austin, 2006.
  • “Etruscan Religion,” chapter, forthcoming in The Cambridge History of Ancient Religions, ed. M. Sweeney and M. Salzman (Cambridge U. Press)
  • “The Etruscans: History and Religion,” forthcoming inEncyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome, Oxford University Press.
  • “Moon Over Pyrgi: Catha, An Etruscan Lunar Goddess?”American Journal of Archaeology 112 (2008), 419-428.
  • “Making Prophecy Visible: Images of Divination in Etruscan and Roman Art,” for the Bozeman, Montana, Society of the Archaeological Institute of America, October 2010.
  • “Visions of Prophecy in Etruscan, Greek, and Roman Art,” at the Meadows Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas (April, 2009)
  • "The Sacred Area at Cetamura del Chianti: The Sanctuary of the Etruscan Artisans," McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Edward Togo Salmon Visiting Professor, March, 2008).
    • "Etruscan Sigla: Their Function in Etruscan Communities," at The Institute of Classical Studies, University of London, England, Conference on Etruscan Literacy, September, 2010
    • "The Cult of Lur: Human Sacrifice and Prophecy," at Tarquinia, Italy: Symposium in Memory of Francesca Romana Serra Ridgway, September, 2010.

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