Graduate Travel & Funding

The Department provides some funding to students who are presenting papers or posters at national and international conferences. Funding amounts will be announced at the beginning of each academic year through the Department's graduate student email listserv.

Please note: A Travel Request must be submitted prior to any university- or academically-related trip per university policy, even if the traveller is not seeking reimbursement.  

Eligibility for Departmental Travel Funding 

To qualify for departmental travel funding to present a paper or poster, there are three stipulations:

  1. The conference must be a major national-level one, such as the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), Society for Classical Studies (SCS), or the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS), or an international conference. Graduate student-run conferences at other universities are not eligible for any departmental funding. Special topic conferences, especially those with peer-reviewed submission of abstracts, will be considered.
  2. You must be the principal author or presenter if the paper or poster is jointly authored. 
  3. Students must demonstrate that they have applied for the Council of Graduate Students' Presentation Grant (COGS) for additional funds. The Departmental travel allotment is not contingent upon success in these applications; rather it is contingent upon you making the effort to apply to the outside sources. 

The Department will only reimburse travel expenses approved by the University. Check the university's Travel Reference Guide. In order to be reimbursed for your travel, you must have an approved travel request in Concur prior to your travel.

Additional Funding Opportunities

Please note: The three following funding opportunities are awarded to the traveller through Concur. If the traveller has already received the annual departmental allotment, but has been awarded funds from another source, the process for reimbursement remains the same. 

COUNCIL OF GRADUATE STUDENTS' PRESENTATION GRANT: The Congress of Graduate Students understands the importance of attending conferences, presenting research, and representing Florida State University to the national and international academic community. The COGS Grant Program was created to support students in these endeavors. Funds are made available on a first come, first serve basis, with limited funds available in each funding period. 

ERMINE M. OWENBY, JR., FUND TO PROMOTE EXCELLENCE: This fund provides support for women enrolled in any of the graduate programs in the College of Arts and Sciences to present papers at professional meetings or conferences. Virtual conferences are also eligible for funding. 

NANCY ISIDORO SHARKUS MEMORIAL ENDOWMENTThis fund provides support for women enrolled in any of the science area graduate programs in the College of Arts and Sciences to present papers at professional meetings or conferences. Virtual conferences are also eligible for funding. 

FS4U: for a full list of current scholarship and grant opportunities, visit  

For more information on current travel funding opportunities and applications, visit the College of Arts & Sciences' scholarship page.


Steps for Reimbursement

Travel funding is distributed in the form of reimbursements through the university's travel system, Concur (to access your Concur account, view this guide). Please carefully review the section below for the process for seeking reimbursement. 


  1. Complete the Pre-Travel Survey. In the form, you will be asked for details of your trip, the purpose, destination, and estimate of expenses. 
  2. The Department Travel Representative will reach out to you with a summary of documents and receipts that will be required upon your return. See the "Post-Trip" section for more information.
  3. The Department Travel Representative will create a Travel Request on your behalf in Concur based on your answers provided in the Pre-Travel Survey. The request will go through multiple approval levels (the status of a request may be viewed by going to your Concur account -> Request -> Request Details -> Audit Trail). 
  4. For foreign destinations, travellers must sign the Foreign Travel Attestation prior to submitting the Travel Request.
  5. You will receive automated email notifications on the status of your request as it moves through the approvals flow. Refer to the Concur User Guide to edit your notification preferences.
  6. Once your Travel Request is fully approved, please consult the FSU Travel Office site for more information on the various travel processes, or contact your Department Travel Representative.

Post-Trip: Receipts & Documents Needed

Please refer to the  FSU Travel Office site and the Travel Reference Guide for detailed information on travel policies and information. Below is a list of common trip types and typical expenses that can be reimbursed. Please see the Travel Reference Guide for a list of expenses that can be reimbursed without receipts, up to $30 USD. 

  1. For expenses other than personal vehicle mileage and meal allowances, receipts must be attached to the Expense Report. The university requires both the receipt with details of the purchase and proof of the transaction. For credit/debit card payments, if the receipt does not include the last few digits of your card number, please provide a bank statement reflecting the charge on your card. 
  2. In most cases, a signed Department Less than Entitled form must be attached to the Expense Report. This is to acknowledge the university is only reimbursing allowable expenses up to your total allotment. See below for the link. Your "Travel Authorization Number" is the 4-digit combination of numbers and letters on your Travel Request. 
  3. For conferences, please provide, digitally or hard-copy:
    1. A copy of the conference program or agenda
    2. A copy of the section on the program indicating the session with your name. 
    3. The receipt of your registration with proof of transaction (payment method). This is usually in the form of an email, and can be forwarded to your Dept Travel Rep. 
  4. For flights, provide a copy of the flight itinerary (flight details and dates), ticket number, your name, and proof of payment.
  5. For hotels, please obtain an itemized bill. This will include the breakdown of the nightly rate, taxes, and other fees. A copy of the reservation email with the quoted price does not qualify as a receipt unless it is an Airbnb or similar booking service that requires payment in advance.
  6. For personal mileage reimbursement, include the points of departure and destination.
  7. For meal allowances, note the times of departure and return of your trip (the time you left your residence to the time your trip ended). Receipts for food are not needed, unless you are seeking reimbursement for an entertainment meal (such as a dinner with guest speakers; this is considered a "non-travel" expense). The government currently allots $6 for breakfast, $11 for lunch, and $19 for dinner. This amount changes based on location. Consult the U.S. Department of State Office of Allowances site for foreign per diem rates. 
  8. For receipts in a foreign language, please include a brief translation of the expense(s).

Post-Trip: Submitting an Expense Report

Refer to the Concur User Guide for step-by-step instructions. 

  1. An Expense Report must be submitted for out-of-pocket expenses and/or expenses purchased by the university company card (aka Wells Fargo Lodge Card) on behalf of the traveller. Please provide digital or physical receipts and required documents to the Department Travel Representative. 
  2.  The Department Travel Rep can create and enter an Expense Report on your behalf. If you prefer to enter your own expense report, please notify the Dept Travel Rep prior to submitting, so that they can review the Expense Report, enter funding information, and make adjustments, if needed. 
  3. The Expense Report must complete the approvals flow before the funds can be disbursed. You can view the status of report by accessing your Concur account -> Expense -> Audit Trail. If your email notification preferences are set-up, you will also receive automated emails regarding the status of  your expense report. When you receive the notification that your report has been "Sent for Payment," this means your report has been fully approved and the reimbursement will be disbursed to the bank account linked with your direct deposit.