MA in Classics: Greek

The M.A. in Greek allows students to focus on coursework in Greek literature and culture. It is suited for those who intend to pursue further work in Classics at the Ph.D. level. Students choosing this option are reminded that doctoral level work in Classics requires a strong background in Latin, and students hoping to teach in the secondary schools will need sufficient coursework in Latin to satisfy school or state certification requirements.

Degree Requirements

The M.A. program in Greek is pursued through coursework which culminates in the writing of a MA Paper (33 cr. hrs).

Credit Hours Requirement
1 Proseminar (CLA 5936)
15 five 5000/6000 level courses in Greek (NOT to include GRW 5909)
3 1 graduate course in ancient history
3 1 graduate course in classical archaeology
8 Additional elective coursework in Classics or related fields
0 Translation Exam in Greek (GRW 8966r)
3 M.A. Paper (CLA 5919)