Andrea U. De Giorgi

Associate Professor of Classics
Director of Graduate Admissions
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Contact Information

324 Dodd Hall
(850) 644-4259
(850) 644-4073

Professor De Giorgi specializes in Roman urbanism from the Republic to the Late Empire, particularly on the Italian peninsula and the eastern provinces. He has directed excavations in Italy, field surveys in Turkey, and has participated in various projects in Syria, Georgia, and UAE. Since 2013 he directs the new Cosa Excavations and studies the 1930s Antioch collections at the Princeton University Art Museum. He is the author of Ancient Antioch: from the Seleucid Era to the Islamic Conquest (Cambridge University Press, 2016), Antioch: a History (Routledge, forthcoming in 2019) co-written with A. Eger, and editor of Cosa and the Colonial Landscape of Republican Italy (University of Michigan Press, 2019)De Giorgi’s research has been recognized by the Loeb Foundation, Alexander Von Humboldt Stiftung, Thyssen Stiftung, Kress Foundation, Deutscher Akademischer Austauschiendst, the Whiting Foundation, and the Baker Nord Center for the Humanities, among others.

Prospective Students: Prof. De Giorgi is currently accepting M.A. students.

Research Interests
  • Roman Archaeology of Italy and the Provinces
  • Classical Visual Culture
  • Late Antiquity