Christopher Nappa

Professor of Classics
On Sabbatical
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Christopher Nappa (BA University of Texas at Austin, MA and PhD University of Virginia) is a specialist in Latin literature and its Greek background. His work has focused on social class, politics, and gender in Latin poetry from Catullus in the first century BCE to Juvenal in the early second century CE. He is the author of Aspects of Catullus' Social Fiction (Frankfurt 2001), Reading after Actium: Vergil's Georgics, Octavian, and Rome (Ann Arbor 2005) and Making Men Ridiculous: Juvenal and the Anxieties of the Individual (Ann Arbor 2018) as well as a number of articles on Latin lyric, epic, didactic, elegy, and satire. 

Research Interests
Latin literature, Gender and Sexuality, Intertextuality