Mar. 2-6th: Classics Week at FSU! 


Feb. 21-22nd: 2020 Spring Langford Conference
February 21-22, 2020 Turnbull Conference Center


Feb. 18th: Richard Rutherford of Christ Church, Oxford

Richard Rutherford of Christ Church, Oxford will be visiting FSU. He is one of the most distinguished Hellenists in the English-speaking world, with books on Plato, Marcus Aurelius, as well as two Cambridge Green & Yellows on the Odyssey, a survey of classical literature, and a study of Greek tragic style; not to mention a host of important articles. He will give a lecture on Tuesday (Feb. 18) at 6.00 p.m. in the seminar room on the topic, “Ambiguity as a Tool of Interpretation.” 

Jan. 30th: The 2020 FSU Trench Talks

The Archaeology Club is pleased to invite you all to the 2020 FSU Trench Talks! Join us in FAB 249 on Thursday, January 30th at 7:00 pm for an evening of presentations from several graduate students about their previous fieldwork experiences. This event is open to any and all interested persons, and may be particularly beneficial for students interested in participating in or learning about archaeological fieldwork. 

Sept. 26th: Classics Fall Reception 
The Classics Fall Reception for all Classics undergraduate majors will take place on Thursday, September 26 at 5 pm at the Dodd Hall Landing in front of the Thompson Library on 3W. There will be food, mingling, and announcements about clubs, lectures, and future classes. If you are currently a major or thinking of becoming one, or if you are simply curious about the discipline of Classics, please join us. For more information, contact Professor Trevor Luke, Director of Undergraduate Studies, at


Oct. 1st: AIA Lecture, Ömür Harmanşah (University of Illinois, Chicago), "ISIS and the Destruction of Cultural Heritage in Iraq and Syria". 


Oct. 1st: 2019 President’s Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence

Sergio Carlos Tamez, Classics Major, member of the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society, and recipient of IDEA Grant, will present his research with a poster “Omina Imperii in the Age of Iconoclasm: Inside the Struggle for the Soul of an Empire.”


Oct 4-5th: Fall 2019 Langford Conference, "Women at the Crossroads of the Greek World"

This conference aims to bring together scholars studying women in the Greek world, broadly defined, through both text and material culture to explore overlapping themes and approaches, as well as dissonances. Two recent edited volumes on women in the ancient world have made a compelling case for the need to approach the study of ancient women from an interdisciplinary and transcultural perspective (James & Dillon 2012, Budin & Turfa, 2016), but questions inspired by the approaches modelled in the contributions to these volumes persist. In what ways can text and material culture be most productively combined? Alternatively, in what ways do text and material culture contradict each other, and how can we resolve or better understand these contradictions? Moreover, drawing on the insights of Black feminism (Davis 1983, Lorde 1983, hooks 1982, Crenshaw 1989), recent work on ancient women has demonstrated the need for an intersectional approach that considers not just gender, but also class, race, and ability (see, for example, Haley 1993, Kennedy 2014, Glazebrook 2016). How can we deepen our understanding of the lives of women of different social statuses and ethnicities living in the Greek world?

Conference Program...



Oct 11th: Printing the Past - Innovative Technology in Archaeology 

Three-D printing and laser scanning to interpret ancient archaeological discoveries by the Department of Classics at FSU will be featured in an exhibition called Printing the Past: Innovative Technology in Archaeology at Florida State University, in Dirac Science Library.  The opening reception will take place on Friday, October 11, from 4 to 6 PM and the exhibition will remain open until November 22. The show may be viewed on the 3rd floor of Dirac during regular library hours. 


Oct 18th: Faculty Research Forum, Dr. Erika Weiberg - "Making an End: Penelope and Ambiguous Loss in the Odyssey."

Friday, October 18, 3:30 pm Dodd 205 I (Classics Seminar Room)


Nov 18th: The Eta Sigma Phi Classics Honor Society Fall Induction 2019


Feb 21st-22nd: Spring 2020 Langford Conference, "Curses and Curse Poetry"


Mar. 25th: AIA Lecture, Milo Nikolic (Memorial University of Newfoundland), "Let’s Build a Roman Aqueduct"

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