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FSU Classics faculty conduct and lead a wide variety of research projects, including the nearly three decades of FSU archaeological excavations conducted under the guidance of Dr. Nancy de Grummond at Cetamura del Chianti, fieldwork at the newly-discovered Mycenaean site at Kalamianos co-directed by Dr. Daniel Pullen, active engagement in leading Classical publications (including Dr. Francis Cairns' founding and decades-long work on ARCA and PLLS, Dr. Laurel Fulkerson's editorship of Classical Journal, the publication of CAMWS, and Dr. John Marincola's resuscitation, with John Moles, of Histos as an online publication), and research in all areas of ancient Greek and Roman literature and culture and approaches spanning the philological, theoretical, historical and digital. See below for more information on research being conducted by FSU Classics faculty and students.

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