The Langford Endowment

Through the generous support of the Langford family, the Department of Classics has been able to advance our understanding of the ancient world in multiple ways, notably by bringing to campus as teachers and researchers Langford Family Eminent Scholars and by hosting international conferences which bring to FSU leading researchers in a wide variety of subjects. 


The Langford Family Chair

George R. Langford contributes daily to the betterment of Florida State University. Because of George Langford's involvement, the University has been significantly enhanced in many different areas. After helping to secure the future of athletics at Florida State, he now extends his support to academics. "I want to help Florida State University as it competes for national eminence in the academic arena," explains Mr. Langford. With the establishment of the George R. Langford Family Chair in Classics, he is embracing his vision and commitment to academic excellence for the University.

The George Langford family has been an integral part of the University for many years. Mr. Langford is the only member of his family who is not an alumnus of FSU. He received his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Virginia. In 1988, however, Mr. Langford received an honorary doctorate of humane letters from Florida State University in recognition of outstanding service and commitment to the University. In conferring the degree, the then president of Florida Statue University, Bernard F. Sliger, said, "George has served his community, the state of Florida, and the University in countless ways. We are proud to have him as a neighbor and grateful to have him as a friend."

The members of the Langford family who are counted among the alumni of Florida State University include his wife, Marian L. Langford; both sons, A. Lawton Langford and G. Robertson Langford, Jr.; and their wives, Beth Martin Langford and Naie Sibley Langford. Prospective alumni include three grandchildren: Giles R. Langford, V. Madison Langford, and Callie Corbin Langford.

George Langford is the founder and chairman of the Municipal Code Corporation, the largest codifier of municipal codes in the United States, serving more than 2,000 municipalities. In 1989, Mr. Langford was named Florida Entrepreneur of the Year and was inducted into the Institute of American Entrepreneurs in recognition of his business achievements.

George Langford takes the practical view of a businessman when he discusses his ongoing support of Florida State University. "The University is good for Tallahassee," is his explanation for his inordinate expenditure of time and resources in helping to make Florida State University a great institution. His emotional commitment, however, comes from the heart. "When I think of Florida State, I think of spirit, hard work, success, and enthusiasm." The same words could be used to describe George Langford.

When he is asked why the Langford family chose to establish an eminent scholar chair in the Department of Classics, Mr. Langford lists two important reasons for their decision. First, the Langfords wanted to enhance even further an already excellent department that was beginning to receive national and international recognition. Second, Mr. Langford says, "We believe that the examination and understanding of ancient cultures is the context in which we begin to understand modern cultures.

The generous gift of the George R. Langford family, will enable the Department of Classics to invite each year an outstanding scholar of international distinction as a visiting professor. The rotating nature of the Langford Chair affords students and faculty alike the rare opportunity to share in the knowledge and scholarship of a variety of experts in the study of classics.

The George R. Langford Family Eminent Scholar Chair has enabled the Department of Classics at Florida State University to reach new levels of learning, teaching, and scholarship.