Classics & Liberal Studies

The Department of Classics has long served the university by participating in the Liberal Studies curriculum. For the new Liberal Studies for the 21st Century curriculum, Classics provides a wide range of courses that satisfy many of the requirements. The following chart lists those Classics courses currently in the Liberal Studies for the 21st Century curriculum (please consult the schedule of classes through the myFSU portal or the Course Information guides on the Classics home page to see if one of these courses is to be taught in a particular semester).

Code Course Title HIS/HUM W D SIP OCC
ARH 2090 Great Discoveries HUM W D SIP  
CLA 2010 Peoples of the Roman World HIS W D SIP  
CLA 2110 Debates About the Past:
Greek Civilization, History, & Culture
CLA 2123 Debates About the Past:
Roman Civilization, History, & Culture
CLA 2810 Ancient Science for Non-Science Majors NS W D SIP  
CLA 3430 History of Ancient Greece HIS W      
CLA 3440 History of Ancient Rome HIS W      
CLA 3500 Sports in Antiquity:
Olympians, Gladiators, and Superstars
HUM     SIP  
CLA 3501 Gender and Society in Ancient Greece HUM W D    
CLA 3502 Women, Children, and Slaves in Ancient Rome:
The Roman Family
CLA 4935 Seminar in Classical Civilization   W*   SIP  
CLT 2049 Medical Terminology HIS/HUM        
CLT 3370 Classical Mythology HUM W   SIP  
CLT 3378 Ancient Mythology, East and West HUM W D SIP  
CLT 3510 The Ancient World in Film HUM W D SIP  
IDS 2417 Defining Moments & Identities:
From the Persian Wars to 9/11
HIS W      
IDS 2410 Citizenship and Debate:
Models from the Ancient World
HIS W      
IDS 3193 Ancient Sexualities and Modern Sexual Politics HIS W D    


HIS = Area III: History

HUM = Area IV: Humanities & Cultural Practice

NS = Area V: Natural Sciences

W = "W" (State-Mandated Writing)

W* = Upper Division Writing Competency

D = Diversity

SIP = Scholarship in Practice

OCC = Oral Communication Competency